About Us

A comfortable living for your daily life

Pallet Trendz is the Manufacturer of Wooden Pallet Furniture like pallet Beds, Pallet Coffee Tables, Pallet Chairs, Sofas using Standard raw material thereby providing Quality Products. We offer Expertise with 20 Years of experience in the Pallet Industry. Pallet Trendz is focused on providing products at an affordable cost, meeting customer expectations. We make Pallets using Pinewood, Country Wood, and Ply Wood. Our Products are inspected thoroughly by our team of specialists to ensure it meets your quality standards. We assure you that our products will serve the expected purpose time and again.

Why Should You Choose Us?

The products we produce are of high quality and are made with a team of professional experts. We always deliver the products on time and our distribution network is also big.

Our Thought Process

We always put our customer’s view in our mind whenever we try to come up with a new product. Thorough research will be made on the need and trend in the field.

Our Vision

Our ambition is to become a company which addresses the daily needs of the customers and also takes the advice of the customer to become a better company in the future.


There are few things that can match the comfort of wood in your home. With its versatility and beauty in many forms, pallet furniture is becoming the practical and affordable way to make any home stylish and comfortable. Pallet Furniture brand of pallet trendz has sourced high-quality pallets for pallet furniture creations that are made with you in mind. From pallet bed bases to pallet tables, bars to loungers, we have skilled carpenters on hand to make turn your vision of practical comfort into reality.

Because pallets are so versatile, there are so many things that can be made with their surprisingly high-quality wood. It’s environmentally conscious, we use predominantly European palettes for our creations, which are made up of sustainably-sourced yellow pine and oak. These wooden materials are easy to treat, paint, cut to custom sizes or stain to look exactly how you envision them. Pallets allow you to enjoy the exclusivity of custom pallet furniture without being overpriced.